Getting in On the eBook Craze for Free

I’d have to  be living on another planet for the last few years not to notice the new craze in reading:  ebooks. I have been tempted to purchase a digital reader but can’t justify the expense.  I am a gadget hound so I have to be careful.  I had been handling the curiosity and occasional urges until that day I heard the woman’s testimonial.

She raved about her new Kindle Reader, how much she enjoyed it, how many books she could store on it, how long the battery lasted and how convenient it was to use.  I could sense that fascination stirring up again.  Christmas was still a few months away.  Should I?  Maybe I could convince my wife she needed one and then I’d but it for her for Christmas (what a good husband I am) so I’d be able to use it too.

The tests by Consumers Report revealed the technology has greatly improved.  The new ones have color and feature additional apps.  It sounded like a cheaper, stripped down version of the iPad.

I finally had to be honest with myself.  I really wanted a reader and I had all the right reasons: instant access to good reading, instant downloading, no shipping charges to pay ever again.  If it weren’t for my wife who is not only practical but a good steward of her money, I probably would already have one.

Then it happened.  I discovered that Nook and Kindle also offer free software which I could download to my Mac.  I could turn my Mac into a Nook Reader for free at this web address: I could also add a Kindle Reader to it by downloading free software here:

For my friends and family who still work with PC’s, they could convert their computers as well.    They can convert their PC to a Nook Reader by downloading free software from this location:  They can convert their PC to a Kindle Reader by downloading free software at this location:

I was dumbfounded.  Everyone with a computer could convert it in a few minutes to a digital reader!

I discovered one more freebie which closed the deal for me.  I can download free software for my iPod Touch that gives me the freedom to synchronize books I am reading on my laptop to my slim pocket-sized iPod Touch.  So while I am waiting to have my car serviced or for the doctor, I can continue my story right where I left off at home.

And if that isn’t enough, I discovered there are thousands of free books I can download either to my Kindle or Nook Reader on my laptop and iPod Touch.  And many of them are classics.  Yum.

Now I carry a number of books on both devices.  When I am on vacation I don’t have to stuff a number of bulky books in my suitcase.  I now have an abundant supply of good books on my computer which I would be bringing with me anyhow.

One of the best things in life is free reading of quality writing.

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