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Summoned for Jury Duty

I received my notice several months ago.  Unless I had a very good excuse (eg sickness or old age), I was to report for Jury Duty on March 19, 2012. At first I became nervous about this.  I have claustrophobia … Continue reading

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Every Sunrise is a New Day

Here is a link to a video reminding us of the potential of each new day Every Sunrise Brings a New Day

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Imagine This

It seems like I have always lived in this dark, smelly cell. I cannot remember when this day began.  A memory of Passover with my men flickers for a few moments and puts itself out. The door clangs open.  Two … Continue reading

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Regardless of how I feel, I am connected.  I am connected visually to those who see me at any given moment in time.  I am connected by line of sight to everything I can see outside my windows.  I am … Continue reading

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One Mind

Can anyone tell me why there is so many different opinions all around the earth? There are splits within the throng of believers in God.   Some have put others to death who believe in the same God.  They believe religion … Continue reading

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Getting to the Truth This American Election

From what I hear, many Americans like me are disgusted and confused by all the negative ads, sound-bites and spins the candidates  and their political action committees  are putting on the facts.   I believe the vote I have is a … Continue reading

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