One Mind

Can anyone tell me why there is so many different opinions all around the earth?

There are splits within the throng of believers in God.   Some have put others to death who believe in the same God.  They believe religion ought to be set up a certain way and cannot live alongside those who think differently.

In American politics where the matter of God is usually not so important there are Red States and Blue States, Liberals and Conservatives.  An embattled congress cannot make headway because legislation is evaluated and endorsed along party lines and not merit or the common good of the land.

Back in the 19th century politics became so bad in this country that the northern part of the US went to war with the southern part.

We can understand such competition in the world of business where every owner is chasing scarce dollars to make a profit.   Why is it in other areas where one might expect harmony would exist, we do not find it.

Everyone is equipped with a brain and a heart made of the same material and functioning with identical processes.   Yet these same hearts and brains come up with so many conflicting ideas of what is good and true.  Even in the same family drawn from the same gene pool and similar experiences there is conflict.  Weeds of jealousy and envy crop up everywhere. We want some temporary thing which they have and they want what we claim as ours.

Why is it the same essential ingredients in the human race constantly boil up to a cauldron of trouble?

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Writer of Christian fiction whose first book "Memory Theft" delves into the impact an extortion scam has on a retired widower. For more information please check out
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