Imagine This

It seems like I have always lived in this dark, smelly cell.

I cannot remember when this day began.  A memory of Passover with my men flickers for a few moments and puts itself out.

The door clangs open.  Two soldiers yank me off the floor and drag me to the Governor.  I see faces with open pits for mouths and hear a sound like the sea.  Distant and alone I stand before the crumbling pillars of justice.  A man’s voice says “I am innocent” but he is not speaking for me.  No one is, not even me.

I fall under the weight of the woody bulk.  For the first time, I see the busy “Skull.”   Whenever I stumble, I hear cheers slowly bouncing off the city walls.  A nightmare is invading these holy streets.

And now giant nails rip open my flesh and splatter my blood.  A throat burning scream blares out of me.   The full reality of crucifixion is now mine and I am lifted up over them all.

Every moment, the pain goes deeper than I ever could have imagined.  I fear the darkness and release may never come.  I gather what little strength there is left and say what must be said.

Finally, the end comes.  I fade to littleness and quiet.

Abba!  At last!

About richrockwood

Writer of Christian fiction whose first book "Memory Theft" delves into the impact an extortion scam has on a retired widower. For more information please check out
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