This Winter

People are talking about this winter in a new and peculiar way.  Normally we complain about the lack of sunshine and the tedium of snow shoveling.  Some mention a recently identified malady called Seasonal Affective Disorder.  This is a depressive condition caused by a) lack of outside activity and b) lack of sunshine.  The acronym SAD perfectly describes itself.

This year all our comments focus on the unusual condition of nice weather.  The amount of sunshine is above average.  The amount of snowfall is below average which means people can get out and walk, ride their bikes, and even travel around on their motor scooters.  There is a freedom of movement this winter not seen within anyone’s memory.

What is peculiar is that our comments focus more on the unusual nature of the weather rather than how much more pleasant this winter has been.  Are we afraid of what this mild weather means about global warming?  Are we afraid there is yet another bad thing happening which has yet to be identified?  Or are we humans so inclined to worry and fret that even good things weigh us down?

I have to confess I have joined in with the worry and wonderment about this winter’s weather.  There is a smaller part of me, however that is happy because I don’t have to worry about slippery surfaces under my feet and I have not had to buy more gasoline for my snow blower.   I think it’s time I let that smaller part become larger in me.

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