Standing Straight and Tall

I have some big events to face  today.  One involves a decision worth a lot of money which would place a burden on two other people.  It is stressful to contemplate and I have no peace about it.  The other involves giving a speech before a number of individuals.  Both are making me nervous and feeling quite shaky.

I read these words this morning which helped calm me down:   “Those who walk blamelessly, and do what is right, and speak the truth from their heart; who do not slander with their tongue, and do no evil to their friends, nor take up a reproach against their neighbors; in whose eyes the wicked are despised, but who honor those who fear the LORD; who stand by their oath even to their hurt; who do not lend money at interest, and do not take a bribe against the innocent. Those who do these things shall never be moved.”  (Psalm 15:2-5 NRSV)

If I just keep doing what is right towards God and towards others, as I find here and throughout the Bible (my guide), I shall stand straight and tall today.

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