An Oracle Within My Heart

“An oracle is within my heart concerning the sinfulness of the wicked…” (Psalm 36:1 NIV)

The term “oracle” takes us back to ancient times and temples.  Then an oracle was a person or place which was thought to have wisdom for seekers.  There was the well-known Oracle at Delphi  in the southwestern projection of Mount Pernassus in Greece.  In Israel  an oracle was thought to be a communication from God.  As such it could also be considered a prophecy.

In this oracle the sinfulness of the wicked is contrasted with the righteousness of God.  David senses in his heart the message that evil has nothing to offer while God’s righteousness is vigorous, gratifying, and life-giving.  These words certainly qualify as wisdom for any seeker.

As beneficial as this oracle is, I am more impressed with the notion that in our heart, we too can hear oracles from God: intimate, stretching and soothing.

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1 Response to An Oracle Within My Heart

  1. slapppshot says:

    A wonderful summary of the word ‘oracle’ that I will no doubt contemplate as I leave for work soon 🙂 Have a wonderful day.

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