No Rest for the Wicked

If one regularly watches the news and reads newspapers he or she can begin to think evil is too entrenched for good ever to be victorious.   Will the War in Afghanistan ever end?  Will terrorists ever lay down their weapons and get a regular job?  Do elections really matter any more?  Will the underprivileged get a decent break someday?

I read a verse from Psalm 125 that spoke to my concerns in a small yet firm voice:

For the scepter of wickedness shall not rest
          on the land allotted to the righteous,
     so that the righteous might not stretch out
          their hands to do wrong. (Psalm 125:3 NRSV)

It sure sounded like a promise to me.

Years ago, my father promised me a three speed black Schwinn bike.  He never delivered it.  I have forgiven him for that because I know he was under a lot of stress at the time and he just didn’t have the means (or the money) to keep the promise.

God, however, has no stress, thinks clearly and has the means to deliver on any promise He makes.   He promises the ׁשבט shêbeṭ a stick (for punishing, fighting or ruling) of רׁשע resha‛ a wrong, iniquity, wickedness shall never נוח nûach rest, that is, settle down.  I know I can rely on this promise because I know Him.  He cannot break His word.

Isn’t that a comfort to know that while evil may prevail it will never find rest.  Those who trust the Promise Keeper on the other hand are guaranteed rest.

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