Refinements and Focus

After some soul searching, the author has decided to provide a consistent focus to this blog.  In the past it has been his practice to write on a variety of topics while practicing his writing skills.  While this may have been good practice for him, it did not offer a theme or perspective which would encourage any reader to follow it.

Growing up as a Baby Boomer witnessing mind-numbing technological advances with sweeping socio-cultural changes (the birth of rock and roll, the first space travel, Beatle-Mania, the Vietnam War with its protesters, IBM punch cards, personal computers, life before the Internet) the author has a vast deposit of experiences which can be mined for this blog.

Therefore, he is changing the name of the Blog to “Flash-Present: Experience is a Teacher.”  Most people know about flash back (going back in time to look at events that led up to a certain event).  Some have heard the term flash forward (a projection into the future, similar to what happens to Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol”).  The idea behind the word “Flash-Present” is that we can sometimes learn things from the past.  Certain memories recalled can enlighten a present moment.  The subtitle “Experience is a Teacher” further helps explain the name.

The Blog then will have three different emphases.  The first emphasis will be called “Living in the Past” which will be write-ups of what it was like going through historic events like the assassination of President Kennedy.  It will also include descriptions of personal experiences that some readers will find interesting like what it is like to be a serviceman away from home preparing to go to war.

The second emphasis will be called “Experience as a Flashlight” where certain experiences (eg physical changes after 50) will be looked at as a way of educating young people about old age so it does not seem like a black hole patiently waiting, but something manageable that happens to everyone.

The third emphasis will be called “General Observations about Life” in which certain lessons learned will be shared for anyone who would like to try them.  These will be practical tricks the author has learned for living life a bit more comfortably.

These emphases will each get their turn as this over sixty year old American male shares what he believes will be of interest and benefit to many others.

Comments and feedback from readers are especially encouraged.

About richrockwood

Writer of Christian fiction whose first book "Memory Theft" delves into the impact an extortion scam has on a retired widower. For more information please check out
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