From 9/11 to 12/7



Living in the Past:  The terrorist attack of 911 gave every American, old enough to understand, the feeling Americans must have had when Pearl Harbor was attacked December 7, 1941.  We’ll soon mark the 71st anniversary of that surprise attack.

On September 11, 2001 I was on vacation with my wife when news started pouring in of a passenger airline crashing into one of the Twin Towers.  That was followed by reports of a plane crashing into the other tower and a third plane plowing into the Pentagon.  Evil people were attacking our country.  We were no longer secure.  Panic set in.

I have heard similar accounts from Americans who were alive when Pearl Harbor was attacked Sunday December 7, 1941.    The idea behind both attacks was to strike terror into the hearts of people.  It worked for a time.

As a result of both attacks, Americans rose to the challenge.  Any nation will respond with as much fury and power as they can when attacked in this manner.

Years ago, the Catholic Church had a saying “violence begets violence.”  Any violent act will always cause an equally violent response and this starts a vicious cycle of violent reactions.    War is a horrible destructive force unleashed on the victims as well as the perpetrators.  The casualties can be estimated, but what measure is there of personal grief, cost of property destroyed, and mass immigrations.

As Christmas approaches and the image of the Prince of Peace takes center stage again, my prayer is that as a 21st century world we can finally learn other, more productive, less destructive ways of working out our differences than violent attacks on one another.   Will you join me in this prayer?  Jesus said where two or more are joined together in prayer, he will be there.

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