Don’t Change a Thing for Me


Experience as a Flashlight:  When my wife Inga died, I had lots of memories of her. One of the endearing things about her was she loved singing “My Funny Valentine” for anyone who would listen on her birthday.  Her birthday was two days before Valentine’s Day.  One of the lines in the song is:  “Don’t change a hair for me, not if you care for me.  Stay little valentine stay.  Each day is Valentine’s Day.”  Inga belted it badly.  What she lacked in tone, she made up for with sentiment.

I have been blessed since then to meet and marry an acquaintance from many years ago.  That wife-shaped vacuum has been filled and I am learning this truth once again.   When I notice my wife doing things differently, I am reminded that I have someone in my life again.  And the last thing I want or need to try and do is change even the smallest thing about her.  I find those differences are strong reminders that I am in a relationship, that I am no longer alone.

I guess the point today is that the most enjoyment we can have in a relationship is when we realize we cannot and in fact need not change a thing about our partner.  Each day can be Valentine Day.

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