Questioning Life’s Reproductive Mystery


A blessing breeze blows over the earth each time a seed is created.   A seed is the product of fertilization and growth within the mother plant.  It is the miracle of potential encased within a tiny coat, packed with enough food to grow hundreds of times its size.  It is life somehow, almost magically producing more life.  From where does this immeasurable potential originate?

The same phenomenon happens to us humans.  An egg combines with a tiny sperm and a rapidly dividing cell is created.  Who can measure at that moment all the potential which resides within the now forming boy or girl?  Will s/he grow up to discover the cure for cancer?  Will that new cell contain the potential to one day invent a way to travel safely into deep space?

A blessing breeze blows over us each time a tiny seed is created somewhere on the earth.  And we must stand in awe of the One who designed and set in motion such a wonder-filled reproductive method.   I invite you outside to find a seed which you can hold in your hand and contemplate.  If there are no seeds around you or it is winter for you, think about the massive amount of creative energy which is released each Spring as the earth is re-energized and flowers, buds and blossoms pop out suddenly and fill our world with color and new life.  Life is still producing more life and God is the source of it all.

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2 Responses to Questioning Life’s Reproductive Mystery

  1. Beautiful imagery Rich- having grown up on a farm and been a part of planting and harvesting our garden for many years, I often think about the seeds. Especially the carrots- so tiny and so fragile, yet so capable of producing so fine a crop. So much more those of us who live and breathe Jesus and have his seed deep within.

    Blessings- thank you for sharing!

  2. sowingmercy says:

    It’s amazing, isn’t it? Just incredible.

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