Connecting with Old Friends


A blessing breeze blew through my life the day I connected with someone I had known many years ago.  We were in school together and had shared common interests.  He was older, wiser I felt, and an accomplished organist.  I saw his name in an article with an email address so I wrote to him.  He promptly wrote back and we made plans to get together.  He lived 30 miles away and was in a retirement community.  If I would drive, he would pay for my lunch.  That sounded good to me.

While reminiscing he mentioned someone else whom I had known.  The two of them see each other regularly; I wondered if I could join.  He said he didn’t see why not, and so I contacted the other friend and soon we were getting together monthly, the two guys named Mike and me.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I have sensed a deep desire to make connections with my past.  Those old friends affirm the memories and reheat the warmth we once enjoyed when life was busier.  Now, when we get together, we can just enjoy each others’ company and there’s no afternoon appointment pinching on our time.  It’s pure quality time.

Friends are definitely worth making and keeping as the years roll on.  They have a way of saying “yes, your life does matter.”

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