Has Your Church Ever Closed?


Right now I am writing my second novel entitled “The Hungry Pit” dealing with one person’s experience with losing the church where her faith took root.  I am exploring the connection established at Baptism, the rebellious teenage years, the visit back that sparked a return, the wedding, the move away, the return visit only to find a hole in the ground.   The book explores events and people that can lead to the disintegration of a church and searches for answers.

If you can relate, if you have had a church close on you, I would love to hear your comments.  How did it affect you?  What happened (please no names, only situations).

Church has been a major part of my life.  The church I grew up in was demolished and replaced by a strip mall.  So much of my early years were spent there.  Now, I only have memories.    I can never walk those halls, go down the steps, visit the old classrooms, put my hand in the holy water font, walk in for a few quiet moments in the middle of the day and pray.

Has church been an important component of your life?  Please tell me about it.

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Writer of Christian fiction whose first book "Memory Theft" delves into the impact an extortion scam has on a retired widower. For more information please check out www.richrockwood.com
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7 Responses to Has Your Church Ever Closed?

  1. Ann Kilter says:

    Been there. Done that twice.

  2. Ann Kilter says:

    Damaged. Afraid to get involved in another church. We left before the church collapsed under the weight of a very controlling pastor. We found it difficult to stay with any one church for very long. Homeless, in a sense. This was early in our marriage when we had very young children.

  3. richrockwood says:

    Thanks so much Ann. What I am trying to show in the book is how such events in a church impact its members. I appreciate your taking the time and being so honest. Did you finally get connected to another church?

    • Ann Kilter says:

      For the next 10 years after first church collapsed, we attended three different churches for two or three years at a time (we went back to one of them twice separated by two years at another church). At the two-time church, we dealt with another angry pastor. That church later failed a few years after we left, due to poor choices in pastors. We finally found a church with a very good youth pastor, and we have been at that church since 2000….13 years now. So it did finally get better.

  4. richrockwood says:

    After what you endured, it seems you were relieved finally to find a church on the right track. Thanks again for telling your story.

  5. Peter DeHaan says:

    I’ve not been through this, but a close relative has: the result was a feeling of abandonment, being discarded and disregarded, not being valued; left without an anchor or support; church friends scattered and community lost.

    It was a sad situation that didn’t have to happen, could have been avoided, and should have been handled much better.

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