Never Alone

CIMG1486 Regardless of how I feel, I am connected.  I am connected visually to those who see me at any given moment in time.  I am connected by line of sight to everything I can see outside my windows.  I am especially drawn to the trees.

I am connected by blood to my mother and father, sisters and brothers.  I also carry the blood of my ancestors, from older days in faraway places.

I am connected by faith to everyone who believes in God whether they use that name or not.  I am connected to all who name the name of Jesus as Savior and Lord.  I am connected through hours of bright and moving worship in my local church through the power of the Spirit of God.

I am connected to all who inhabit the same city, the same state, the same country and the same planet.  I am connected to every citizen of every place I have ever lived.

I am connected by gravity to the earth and at night find my eyes drawn to the skies above.

With all these connections, I cannot believe any feeling that tries to convince me I am all alone.  I am never alone.  Never.  And neither are you.

Can you think of any connections that I missed?

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3 Responses to Never Alone

  1. You are connected to people who read your blogs 🙂

  2. karmami says:

    This is a wonderful perspective and I do firmly believe that everything and every one of us sharing this world are connected as we are beautiful creatures of God’s creation

  3. chmjr2 says:

    Enjoyed reading your little essay. I believe that we are all connected to the past. We all stand on what they have left us (the good and the bad) as future generations will do on what we leave. So I guess we are connected to the future also.

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