The Vastness of Creation

“Your steadfast love, O LORD, extends to the heavens,
          your faithfulness to the clouds.
Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains,
          your judgments are like the great deep;
          you save humans and animals alike, O LORD.”  Psalm 36: 5-6 NRSV)

My wife and I are on vacation in the Northern Cascades of Washington State.  We have seen views that are both breathtaking and inspirational.  It is easy to think about our Creator in such places.  A few days ago we were on top of Constitution Mountain on Orcas Island where we could view Mt. Baker to our left.  If the day would have been clearer we could have also seen Mt. Rainier and on into Vancouver across the water.

It is good to get up to a high place once in a while to get a better perspective on what goes on down here.  Usually we’re like everyone else busily running from place to place under the push of our daily planner.   This time, vacation brought us all the way here to visit my wife’s son and his girl friend and see where they work and go to school.  The reunion and new insights have been pure food for the soul.

It is my hope and prayer that in the remaining days before the start of school and other programs, you get an escape where you can see creation as an expression of an imaginative, artistic, intelligent Genius.

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Writer of Christian fiction whose first book "Memory Theft" delves into the impact an extortion scam has on a retired widower. For more information please check out
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