The God of Silence

“Do not be silent, O God of my praise.”  (Psalm 109:1 NRSV)

A difficulty arises for believers when God seems to have nothing to say.  It contradicts everything we know about God from the Bible.  There we read of God’s will shown and either followed or not followed.  We read accounts where a word is spoken which changes people’s lives (eg Moses at the Burning Bush).  God seems passionate about that which is right and holy.  I do not think I am stretching it to say God appears to have an opinion on everything that is important in life.

Yet, at times He says nothing.  King David was in a baffling situation.  His son, Absalom, has been crowned king by the people, but David already is their king.  What is going on?  Doesn’t God have something to say about this injustice?

He will….in a little while.  And that’s the problem.

Sometimes God asks us to wait awhile, to trust Him, to believe that He will work things out.  The Bible is full of stories of God’s actions.  The Bible also tells us God will deal firmly and finally with everything that is wrong with our world.

Until He does, it still makes good sense to continue trusting He will not only speak, He will act.

Even though God sometimes seems to take too long, it makes more sense to trust Him instead of some machine or person who doesn’t even understand what we are going through.

In the end, David was vindicated and things turned out alright.  All these stories make the point  that if we continue trusting God, things work out often times in a way we hadn’t considered which turns out to be far more effective.

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