The gods of the peoples are idols

For all the gods of the peoples are idols, but the LORD made the heavens.  (Psalm 96:5 NRSV)

What a world of truth this little verse contains.  In the first reference to higher power, the writer uses the word elohim, gods in the ordinary sense.  In the second reference, he uses the word yehôvâh (the) self Existent Jehovah the Jewish national name of God.   The psalmist is contrasting the two powers.  The first power appears to be strong, but is only an idol elıyl good for nothing, a vanity; the second is from the one who made the heavens shâmayim  the sky.   Which one do we want to follow?

Logically we should always follow the power which is legitimate, but too often we go for the power that seems to make us into something great (eg. a shiny new car, a great hairdo, a flashy suit).  Sometimes it can even be another person we want to be next to because of how it makes us look.

Getting into nature is such a good way to get perspective.  With the night air a bit cooler, let’s do ourselves a favor and gaze into the night sky and ask ourselves “who is Lord at this time in my life?”  Idols come and go, but God is eternal and holds all the power we will ever need and more.

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