I Liked Ike

LIVING IN THE PAST:  When I was little I remember seeing little buttons saying “I Like Ike.”  They were being worn by people who supported Dwight David Eisenhower, our 34th president.  The slogan was simple and catchy.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was an unpretentious man with a great smile and wisdom to share.  He had been a great military genius as the Supreme Military Commander helping the Allies defeat the Nazi’s in Europe.

As is sometimes the case in America, he was asked to run for President.  Over the years twenty one of our presidents have served in the military:

Washington – Commanding general in Revolutionary War, British officer in French & Indian War
Monroe – officer in Revolutionary War
Jackson – general in War of 1812 , various Indian wars
W. H. Harrison – officer in War of 1812, Indian wars
Taylor – officer in War of 1812, general in Mexican War
Pierce – general in Mexican War
Grant- officer in Mexican War, supreme union general in Civil War
Hayes – general in Civil War
Garfield- major general in Civil War
Ben. Harrison general in Civil War
McKinley – officer in Civil War
Teddy Roosevelt – officer in Spanish American War
Truman – officer in WW I
Eisenhower- officer in WW I, general in WW II
Kennedy – naval officer in WW II
Lyndon Johnson – naval officer in WW II
Nixon -naval officer in WW II
Ford- naval officer in WW II
Ronald Reagan- army officer in WW II
George H. W. Bush — officer ( navy pilot) in WW II
Carter– navy officer in peace time  (Source:  Wiki Answers):

Something about Eisenhower gave you a good feeling.  He seemed honest, capable and direct.  He showed self-confidence.  America would soon be facing the possibility of a nuclear showdown with Russia and that blood thirsty tyrant Joseph Stalin.  School drills were held so we would know what to do in case of a nuclear missile attack.  It was a scary time, but every time I saw Ike, I felt better.

When John Kennedy entered the national political stage, he was young and by that time I was in college.  I voted for him because Eisenhower seemed old and couldn’t serve a third term.  But for me the image of Eisenhower still holds a special place in my heart where there is a button which reads “I Like Ike.”

Times seem tougher now for politicians and America feels divided.    And there seems no end to the War on Terror.  I hope whoever wins our election this year will be as strong for us as Ike was back then.

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