The Best Gifts I Already Have


Lessons from Life:  There is a proverb which says “the best things in life are free.”  Actually that is the title to a song.  These are some of the words in the song recorded by Frank Sinatra.

The moon belongs to everyone
The best things in life they’re free
Stars belong to everyone
They cling there for you and for me

The song was written by “B.G. DeSylva, Lew Brown, and Ray Henderson for the musical ‘Good News’ which opened on September 6, 1927 in the 46th Street Theater in New York City” (

To see our lives as already gifted with the best things in life conflicts with the mood of this season when our thoughts are turned by advertisements and greeting cards to desire.  If we are very young our thoughts are on toys we believe will make us eternally happy.  If we are older our thoughts are on family and friends we either have or don’t have in our life.  It is only natural to compare our lives with the ideals portrayed in the media and wish they could be more.

I would like to inject a radical thought into all this commotion for more.  The best gifts we could ever want are ones we already have.  If we are healthy and can get around, that is a gift thousands confined to beds wished they had.  If we have eyes to behold the earth freshly covered with pure white snow crystals, there are countless people who have never seen such a wondrous sight.  If we have the ability to breathe in fresh air on a crisp Autumn afternoon surely this is a wonder-filled gift for which we paid nothing.

What is the value of a scene in which puffy clouds are outlined by rays of white streaming from the sun behind them moments before sunset?  What should someone be charged to watch a hawk soaring lazily in the summer sky?  What should the admission fee be to look at a tree in Springtime flourishing with white buds.

There are many things of value in life, but this holiday season let’s not overlook the best gifts, the ones we already have, for which we paid nothing.

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