Life’s Distractions


General Observation On Life:  There are many things along the Road of Life that distract us: a pretty (handsome) face, a deep discount on something we want, a newspaper headline.  Some distractions have a pull so powerful they are termed addictions.  Something like alcohol or drugs can get us to exit off the Main Highway and sit in a ditch somewhere.  Distractions this powerful keep us from the beautiful sights we were meant to see and enjoy along Life’s Highway.

Too much focus on life, however, can become stressful which is why we all are encouraged to find interesting distractions.  Some people take up exercise.  Others take up a hobby like stamp or coin collecting.  Many people enjoy concerts and other forms of entertainment.  Still others enjoy old fashioned puzzles and games.  My personal favorite is photography which I will write about next time.

These distractions can play an important role in our lives.  They can provide a break from the pressures and seriousness of our lives.  I have actually used photography to counter pressures I feel in social situations.

I am coming to appreciate the value of healthy distractions like games, entertainment, and hobbies as necessary rest stops as I keep along Life’s Road being careful to keep my eyes on where I am going so as not to end up in a ditch somewhere for God knows how long.

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