Music Can Enhance a Mood


Experience as a Flashlight: I have found music to be a great partner as I go through life.  It motivates me to work.  It helps me concentrate.  It leads me to higher levels of thought.

Back in my college days, I noticed if I had tedious, repetitious work to do, rock and roll helped me roll into the work and then once started helped me maintain a rhythm until I was finished.   Even when I was exercising music helped motivate me.  I used to get psyched up for my 6 mile jogs listening to “The Eye of The Tiger.”  The explosive drumming made me hungry for the exertion and runner’s high I would soon be feeling.

If I had work which required concentration New Age Music with it’s slow moving full melody tones helped slow my mind down and set it into an easy mode while I put my thoughts together in the right order.  I often found that even classical music doesn’t work then because it takes my attention to it from the work.

I did, however, find that at times I needed absolute silence because the work at hand required so much focus that any sounds at all were a distraction.  In those cases, I needed to click the stereo off.

Then there were those times when I would listen to a piece by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart or some other gifted composer and sense I was suddenly in another space….perhaps Heaven.  They remind me of a line in Peter Shaffer’s play “Amadeus”  when Salieri first hears Mozart’s music.  As the Adagio from the Serenade for thirteen wind instruments (K. 361) drifts into the room, Salieri is so startled by its simple intensity and exquisite charm he finally admits “It seemed to me that I had heard a voice of God…”

I have found through the years that the right music enhances any experience, can lift the spirit and even break through to the Divine Chambers.

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2 Responses to Music Can Enhance a Mood

  1. Jerry says:

    My sentiments exactly. Thanks for putting them into words.

  2. I like classical music on in the background when I am working on my computer. I need livelier music to do housework. Music definitely enhances mood.

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