The First Time

FirstGeneral Observations About Life:  The first job I had was packing groceries and helping people load them in their cars.  I worked at a local supermarket and providing this service to customers was something done which young people could do.  To prepare me for the job, a trainer showed me how to pack a bag putting heavy cans on the bottom and filling my way to the top with lighter items.  I happily went at my first order, finished it and carried the groceries out to their car.  After I finished, I made my way back into the store, ready to go home.  Then it hit me.  I have four more hours of this.

The first order was a challenge, but I felt good doing it.  Coming back in after completing one order, my mind went into hyper-drive:  How would I feel repeating the same motions hour after hour?  Would it become tedious?  Would I become bored?  Could I make it?

It seemed like an important event, because this was my first exposure to life’s repetitions.  I was to learn that there would be many first times in my life, but they would quickly be followed by repetitions.  And getting comfortable with repetitious activities, even work, would make life easier.  It would also make it move faster.

I can still remember my first date with a girl nicknamed “Tootie.”  I had thought making the call had been tense, but actually going out was like sitting down into a pressure cooker.  I spent hours washing and vacuuming the car, then carefully shaving, showering and applying powerful after-shave.  I stood in front of her door feeling nervous and inadequate.  The date went well and there have been numerous dates since then, but the first time with each person was always the most difficult.

My first day in the Army was long and difficult.  I had to report early, fill out reams of paperwork and board a train for Fort Knox, Kentucky.  The second day was a lot easier and I gradually grew to enjoy my time in service.

Next week I will board a cruise ship for the first time, as will my wife.  I have read about it and watched videos.  I still have a bit of nervousness because there is so much unknown as there is with any first time activity.

First time experiences are a wonderful thing.  They open us up to a wider knowledge of life.  Fortunately, not all of life is a first time experience.  Once we’ve done it the first time, the second time gets easier as we adapt to it.  Most of life is repetition.  We made it through previous first time events and we’ll make it through all the others that are waiting out ahead of where we are today.  God has gifted each of us with a desire and an ability to grow and adapt to new things.

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