The Promise of the Rainbow


Living in the Past:  Back in the late 1970’s I was returning to Michigan from California.  I had lived out there for almost two years and was now heading home.  I was driving through New Mexico when it started to rain…hard.   As I drove into Truth or Consequences, New Mexico I saw the after-effects of the deluge, water filled streets, cars looking like boats as they powered along, my car suddenly part of a flotilla.  I was afraid.

I had all my earthly possessions in that car, clothes and record player, paperwork and money order, things with which I would start my life over again in Michigan.   As I moved cautiously through the water, I wondered if this was where my trip would end…it did not.

I made it through to higher ground.  As I headed north the black sky was suddenly filled with color.  Sunlight breaking through clouds and entering the last drops of rain at just the right angle was being refracted (bent) causing me to see a red, yellow and blue half-circle in the nothing sky.   This is the scientific explanation, but at that moment the rainbow took on a greater significance.

I remembered the rainbow’s meaning.  It was God’s sign to Noah he would never flood the earth again.   I breathed a sigh of relief all the way back to Michigan.

I love seeing rainbows for more than their colors.  They mean I have looked up for my strength and have seen His promise once more breaking through the rain in glorious color. What does a rainbow mean to you?  Just a refraction of light or something more?  I would love to hear your what you think?

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1 Response to The Promise of the Rainbow

  1. Jennifer says:

    I always view a Rainbow as God speaking..His Promise, His Love and His Light. After all we would not “have” science with out Him!

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