The final part of a daily devotional series at Words of Hope ( looking at how people in the Bible handled tough situations:

Read Matthew 26:31-35

Have you ever denied you are a follower of Jesus? In many countries a person’s beliefs are their own business, but in some countries following Jesus openly will lead to persecution and could even mean losing one’s life. It was this fear that kept the apostle Peter from admitting he was a disciple the night they arrested Jesus. Peter followed along, and the question came up three different times. Each time, Peter said: “I do not know the man.” Afterward, he wept bitterly.

It doesn’t take much to imagine the regret, alienation, and self-condemnation Peter felt. We all have actions and words for which we feel remorse. Perhaps none is so painful as the feeling that we let the Lord down. I know I had a moment when I couldn’t bear up under a trial and turned away from him in my heart.

In those instances, it seems that no human effort or strength can bring you back. For Peter, relief came a few days after Easter when Jesus showed up for breakfast (John 21:1-17) and recommissioned him. For me, the morning after my denial I awoke with these words echoing in my head: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock” (Rev. 3:20). The good news as this series concludes is this: no obstacle is too large for the Lord to overcome.

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