Thoughts on Memorial Day 2013

031 Fallen Soldiers memorial, Old North Church

It is my family’s custom to go out to breakfast on all holidays so today was no different.  On my way home, I thought about my observance of Memorial Day.  I hoped I could find a service somewhere either in person or on TV.  I want to remember and to be reminded of the sacrifices made by my fellow veterans.

I came safely home from my service obligation.  They gave up their lives so I could go about my business, interact with my family, without interference, without roadblocks every mile, without worry of incoming rockets.  These extraordinary men and women gave up their one and only life to defend the precious freedoms we enjoy in this country.  The very least I can do is pause and reflect on those sacrifices.

Then it occurred to me I could do more.  I am a Christian and so Good Fridays are days when I reflect on the sacrifice my Lord made for me.  I try and keep quiet and to keep my mind and heart focused on Mount Calvary.  I thought I could assume the same attitude today, keeping my mind and heart focused on those brave men and women who went off to war and never came back.  I can say a prayer for their families who, though honored by their family members’ loyalty to country still miss them.  These brave service men and women were people, like you and I, who loved holidays, family, and freedom.   When their country called on them, they answered.  Probably with a lot of fear, the joined other Americans in fields of terror and fought with their last ounce of strength against our enemies.

I invite any reader who is a Christian to think of today as Good Monday and keep quiet and reflective of what they did for us.  For any reader who is not a Christian, I invite you to still take time at a service or in watching a movie that vividly portrays their sacrifices and say a silent word or give a thought to the ones who for us said goodbye to it all.

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2 Responses to Thoughts on Memorial Day 2013

  1. sowingmercy says:

    Here is a memorial day service.

    Community Events
    Memorial Day Ceremony
    Location: Veteran’s Memorial Garden – adjacent to the Wyoming Police Department, 2300 DeHoop Ave SW
    Event Description:
    Date: May 27, 2013 Time: 07:00 PM – Rain or shine.

  2. steve woerner says:

    Thanks for sharing thoughts and words as you remind me to recall those times, people, and places they sent us and the buddie system. Best part of my life 17, Korea, Huey door gunner. We learned value of ‘We’ and ‘Team’, get it done yesterday is what we lived by. Thanks to be a part of that Brotherhood that served during Vietnam and God Bless America and you too!

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