It Was Only a Bite

Imagine you have travelled back to the first pages of the Bible and you hear the thoughts and see the actions of the first creatures….Adam and Eve

What am I going to do?  The woman offers me a beautiful thing to try.  She bit into that shiny thing and then smiled.  She wants me to do the same.  Should I?

I barely know her.  I like to look at her because she is different.  She moves and talks. There are many things in this place that don’t move and many other things that do.  I like to look at her because she moves and she talks with me.

I won’t give my answer yet. First I will look around. The place has many shapes and shades: tall, dark things with bushy greens on their tops, small things running around.  When I inhale the air is fresh and sweet.

And God is here somewhere.  I talked with Him the other time there was light.  He told me I needed a helper and that was when he made the woman. God took her from my side.  Her looks are pleasing to me.

Should I bite into the shiny thing.  Didn’t God tell me not to take anything from that tree in the center? Didn’t God tell me to not even touch it?  Why would God tell me not to touch it?  It looks beautiful.  And the dark slithering thing on the ground said God was worried that if I ate it, I would be as smart as He is.  

I am so happy in this place.  Can I be even happier?  Why can’t I be just like God.  We could be best friends.  I could make new things with God.  I could take care of this place when God is away.   I want to be as strong as God. 

She is smiling at me again, holding the shiny thing up for me.  It is firm, and its smell pleases me.  

I take one bite.  Oh, it does not taste good, like it should.  It hurts my mouth.  And my ears ache.  I hear God’s voice booming everywhere “Adam, where are you?”  

That’s my name.  I remember it now.  I am Adam and her name is Eve.  

Now, the light has gone.  I cannot see anything, not even Eve.  I am alone and I don’t like it.  How come this happened.  It was only one bite.

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