Before Creation Care

I am in the habit of reading bits from “Institutes of the Christian Religion” by John Calvin whose careful use of words is noteworthy.  Here is a clip about God’s habit of showing in creation some of his nature.

…he divided the formation of the world into six days, though it had been in no respect more difficult to complete the whole work, in all its parts, in one moment than by a gradual progression. But he was pleased to display his providence and paternal care towards us in this, that before he formed man, he provided whatever he foresaw would be useful and salutary to him. How ungrateful, then, were it to doubt whether we are cared for by this most excellent Parent, who we see cared for us even before we were born! (Book 1, Chapter 14, Paragraph 22)

Some Thoughts on This

This before-creation care of God strikes me as logical and loving.  What would creation have been like if Adam and Eve were created and then a while later, plants for eating, trees for shading, animals for caring were created?  It reminds me of when I was in the Army.  The term I often heard was “hurry up and wait.”  When my company was shipping out from basic to various places, everyone had to get up, shave, shower and finish packing at 2:00 a.m. because some guys were leaving a few hours later.  However, I wasn’t leaving until 10:00 that morning.  So, after I got cleaned, dressed and packed, I had to wait for my ride.

God, didn’t make us wait on Him.  Rather, in His great wisdom, prepared all things necessary for man (and woman) before He created them.  In the same way, Jesus willingly surrendered His life an atonement for sins before we were born.

God hems us in with infinite wisdom and care.  Naturally, we want to praise Him, doing  in return what is logical and loving.

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